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What’s the difference between SPX and VPX?


Ancient Greece setup

Rain under umbrella


Celebrity on TV setup



Film in car

Belissa’s Transformation from Youth to Old Age setup

Wings setup

Tub of Liquid Chocolate

Cuts of Healthy Dishes

Falling through the air setup

Filming a phone call

Amara riding on Light Waves setup

32 Hands

Floating Down the River

Fountain of Youth Construct?

Cave Interior Construct?

Bodies Underwater

Underwater Scenes

Stone at bottom of well construct?

Black Smoke coming from Stone?

Tunnel and afterlife?


Ancient Greece

Celebrity on TV

Belissa’s Transformation from Youth to Old Age

Dark Figure scenes in general

Dark Figure Fading into Amara’s mirror image


Light energy

Matryoshka Animation Sequence

Dancing in the clouds

Muted Colors/Bright Colors

Superimpose heart over Jordan

Falling through the air into Dumpster

Light pounding the walls

Light breaking through walls

Light washing away Amara’s Uncle

Amara riding on Light Waves

Fountain of Youth in postproduction?

Cave Interior in postproduction?

Chain Mail falling and flight

Two Hearts Beating as one

Freeze Time with the Three Guys

Blow Three Guys Away

Stone at Bottom or Well Postproduction?

Black Smoke coming from Stone?

Tunnel, Afterlife, Wings

Being a Soul

Wings during performance

Flight during performance