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Hi, my name is Amara. Welcome to my official blog!

(For my movie blog, check out www.baremymovie.com. Can’t tell you how excited I am about this project! 🎬👏😄)

Thanks for stopping by. I feel blessed that I’m doing what I love: dance. Full disclosure: I’m what some people might call a gypsy bohemian.

I started this blog because I had lost that identity. I was an accountant because I thought that’s what you had to do. Get all the external markers of success. And I got ’em. But I was unhappy.

There’s a reason behind our feelings. I know now not to ignore our feelings but listen to them. Or at least ask why that feeling is there.

My life changed when I took the risk to do what was in my heart. Became a dancer. Do what bohemians do, dammit.

This blog is about exploring something I learned in the process of taking the risk to follow my heart.

I had forgotten about my body. And I was too much in my head. I worried what people thought of me. And the “soul”? Who has time for things that renew you from within?

This might be controversial to say, but I believe we have a soul. A big part of this blog is exploring that idea. As well as the idea soul and body aren’t enemies. We can marry them till death do them part–when we point our heart in the right place.

So in the first section, “On Soul and Body,” I explore what soul is. I ask, is there only body? And if not, how do they interact? Is it possible to marry them?

WARNING: This is different from Descartes, who thought mind and body were as separate entities from each other as the earth and the sun.

One of the most effective ways I’ve learned to marry the two is through soulful sex, or heart-centered sex. I explore that in the second section called “Eros.”

There I share my personal diaries (or adventures) about the soul of sex. I also share the culture I learned a lot about spiritual sex from. And I share sex skills they taught me that you can use, too.

The third section, “On the Heart,” is about following your heart over following esteem. What do I mean by heart? What does it mean to follow it? Often it means doing the right thing even when it’s not expedient, popular, comfortable or easy.

And because I love being a bohemian so much, I attempted a bohemian “philosophy” in this section. This includes the idea that life is more fulfilling when we create rather than consume. And how we live in a culture that teaches us happiness lies in consuming more.

These are the lessons I learned when I “stupidly” left my career to follow my heart and audition for this dance show.

Maybe the best place to start is “About Me.” That’ll give you an overview. From there, check out “Blog” for the latest, or just have fun and explore wherever you’d like to go.

Again, I’m so glad to have you here. And keep in touch! I hope we can explore this idea of finding soul through body and heart together.

If you hit the “Follow” button on the right (you might have to scroll up a bit), you’ll know when I publish something new. Obviously no spam. God, no. Just honest-to-goodness content speaking to marrying body and soul–or in other words, seeking “the beautiful.”

And feel free to contact me and follow me on social media (Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook) below.

Thanks again for visiting. Keep in touch.

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