About Me

I’m a professional dancer. Right now I’m playing the role of “Psyche” in the show The Minotaur. I’m also passionate about the humanities, the arts, travel, and how to make a better future for our world.

I’m excited about this blog! I wanna explore the marriage of soul and body. The conventional wisdom is they are rivals. Seeing the two as counterparts has been a life-changing experience for me.

In this blog, I wanna explore how this is possible and my adventures in keeping this marriage alive.

Here’s a quick self portrait I drew of myself.

My Life:

PACIFIC ISLANDER: I grew up on a Pacific Island. My mother was a doctoral student in anthropology and was studying a culture. Before studying anthropology she was a ballerina but injured herself. She home schooled me and introduced me to dance. These were probably the happiest years of my life.

This picture isn’t mine. But hopefully this gives you a sense of what a tough childhood I had. Ha!

L.A. YEARS: My mother got sick and passed when I was 14. Before she did, she brought me to her sister’s in L.A. My aunt kindly took me in. My aunt, uncle and two cousins had different values from my mom. I performed poorly in high school. These were probably the unhappiest years of my life. I ran away from home my senior year in high school.

Moving to L.A. was like a culture shock.

HOMELESS: I lived on the streets for a while and stayed in homeless shelters. I made a few friends. I told them about the island I was from. We went on a road trip to see if we could find it. We didn’t, but I learned a lot about myself on the trip. They returned to L.A. I stayed back in Hawaii and waited tables.

I spent my high school years in L.A. These weren’t happy times. I actually ran away from home my senior year and was homeless for a little while. I found this picture online so that person isn’t me. But it’s about how I felt.

MODELING & EXOTIC DANCING: I actually waited tables at Hooter’s while working on my GED. This was a good year. Not only did I get my GED, but I competed in Hooter’s Miss International Swimsuit contest! At 20, I moved to New York City where my mom was from to become a famous model. Being 5′ 2″ didn’t help. But I got a gig at Playboy. Missing dance and needing money, I turned to exotic dancing.

How do you like those 90s swimsuits? 😀 Back in Hawaii I entered a Bikini Open and won that crown! I gained some confidence back. But that put me on a dangerous road in craving esteem.

ACCOUNTANT: As it turned out, I didn’t enjoy modeling or exotic dancing. I didn’t enjoy feeling like I needed to be “perfect.” And I didn’t enjoy the soullessness of exotic dancing. After a failed suicide attempt at 24, I focused on finishing college. I studied accounting to become a professional. I got great benefits and I was making dough.

I became an accountant. But I didn’t love it.

PROFESSIONAL DANCER: I was an accountant for 5 years. I was independent and successful. Soon I was miserable. This wasn’t where my heart was. An audition for the critically acclaimed show The Minotaur opened up. Although I was 30 and was skeptical of its “sacred sex” rhetoric, I went for it. Changed my life. What I learned inspired this blog.


Sometimes I do dance modeling. This is a drawing I did of myself from a photo. I’ve found more fulfillment in doing what I love. When I dance, it feels like that time from childhood.

MY MISSION NOW: I wanna share how important it is to follow your heart, despite the risks. How important it is to point your love in the right direction. Worrying about what people think of me has been the death of me. Pointing my heart beyond that, I’m both in my body and soul. That’s what I wanna explore in this blog and share with you.

Personal Details:

Full Name: Amara Nicolle Sol

Current Location: New York City

Birthplace: The Pacific Islands

Born: July 15

Star Sign:Cancer” (Western Tradition) “Dragon” (Chinese Tradition)

Personality Type: Green-Blue (If you wanna take this personality test based on Jung’s psychology, check out this cool link from “Discovery Insights.”)

Ethnicity: Portuguese, French, Greek, Pacific Islander

Modeling Info:

If you’re interested in booking me for dance modeling and need to know these details, here they are:

Height: 5′ 2″

Measurements: 36-24-36

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Shoulder Length

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Olive-Brown

Tattoos: None