On the Heart


One of my biggest weakness has been wanting esteem, worrying what others think of me. Too much of that and you forget what’s in your heart.

Risking my career to follow my heart was a scary decision. I’m glad I did. That was the first step in finding my heart again.

While I trained for my callback audition, I learned about spiritual sex and getting back in touch with both my body and soul. To do that I had to practice listening to the heart.

But what does that mean, “heart”? And what does it mean to follow it? Those are the questions I wanna tackle in this section.

I also wanna tackle a cultural obstacle I think we all face when given the choice to follow the heart. It’s the message happiness lies outside of us, in getting more and more.

So, I attempted a “bohemian philosophy” here.

Not only did I rediscover my identity as a bohemian again, but a big part of its philosophy is life is more fulfilling when we direct our heart in the right place. When we (actively) produce, give, expand the horizons, not just spend money and get.