Slvena in in Siegburg, Germany, October 29, 2005–her own work.

What Slvena did in her brave self-published work here–I applaud!

I do the same thing, and let me tell you. It isn’t easy. That’s what my first movie project is about–doing what Slvena is here doing.

I do it ’cause this it’s a practice in marrying body and soul. Also, it’s a way to share that life-changing mind shift. I wanna spread body positivism, body acceptance, body freedom. I wanna show the body is okay as it is.

Now, can you imagine of nudity were a norm?

It’d only happen if we accepted the body more. Our modern culture still has a prudish attitude to the body–like it’s a “lower” thing that needs to be suppressed.

But when you look at human history, you see this wasn’t always the case.

How did we evolve this negative attitude to the body? How have past cultures looked at the body? And is there a connection between our view of the body as a mere instrument to be used and how we treat the earth?

So, in this section, I wanna explore where our negative attitudes towards the body came from. And I wanna record (and share) my experiments in challenging this cultural norm.